Welcome to Rooh Yoga!

Why should you choose Rooh Kids Yoga to teach your child?

  • Expect to PLAY, LEARN, and LAUGH!
  • We specialize in
    • Basic yoga poses
    • meditation
    • breathing techniques
    • mindfulness
    • relaxation and guided imagery
    • FUN
  • We believe that kids learn best when they are having FUN, so our classes interweave poses, music, “yoga journeys”, stories, and games, allowing them to grow in a multi-sensory environment
  • We end almost every class with relaxation, which helps calm the body and mind and totally balances one’s energy
  • Our classes provide a balance between spontaneity and structure so that children learn effective communication through interpersonal interactions, as well as creative self-expression
  • In our classes, children often go on “magical journeys” around the world, learning about several different cultures in the process
  • Our classes are non-competitive and stress-free! If a child can’t do a particular pose, no big deal! We modify poses so that children can engage in them the best way that they can