About Rooh Kids Yoga

Do your want your children to reap the tremendous health benefits of yoga while also having fun, using their imaginations, and being creative? Meet Rooh Kids Yoga, a Philadelphia-based program dedicated to teaching yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and breathing exercises to children and teenagers! Rooh Yoga makes provides all the benefits yoga and meditation, as well as a great time! In India, the word ‘rooh’ means soul. Yoga and meditation facilitate the connection between the mind, body, and soul. The process looks a little different between kids and adults, but the result is the same: mind-body-soul balance and a profound connection with both the inner outer selves. Please click here for further information on services we offer.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a mind-body practice that includes stretching through various poses (movements designed to increase flexibility and strength), meditation, mindfulness (a state of attention to the present), controlled breathing, and relaxation. It is an ancient science that can be taught to children in a fun way to help them develop important skills in a non-judgmental, non-competitive, and relaxed environment.

As surprising as it may sound, even at a young age, children often face numerous academic and social pressures at school and in extracurricular activities. Due to these tough stressors, they are vulnerable to anxiety, self-criticism, losing self-confidence, losing focus, and much more. Yoga and meditation are the perfect solutions. According to years of research, some benefits are:

  • improves strength and flexibility
  • builds a positive self-image
  • teaches how to relax and reduce stress, anxiety, impulsivity, depression, inattention
  • improves emotion regulation
  • improves overall body tension
  • encourages cooperation and teamwork
  • helps to balance the body and mind
  • nourishes creativity
  • facilitates compassion towards others