Children, ages 3 and up, from any and all backgrounds!
No! This program is designed to provide such experience!
Absolutely! Your child should definitely take part in yoga classes. Please contact me privately so we can discuss specifically what special needs exist, and how we can manage them in class!
I work at your child’s level. The majority of the poses are easy for kids but if your child cannot do a pose, then we modify the pose so he/she can do it to the best of his/her ability. No pose is a “wrong” pose, ever! Additionally, the classes are not just physical in nature, and involve other elements besides postures to refrain.
Yoga differs from sports and regular exercise. Generally the pace of yoga is slower, and highlights static postures and fluid motions rather that the rapid, repetitive motions of, for example, kicking a ball in soccer. It is low impact, meaning it does not strain the body as much as traditional sports do, making it more appealing for the young ones. It also places significant emphasis on breath control and turning one’s attention inward. The health benefits of yoga are difficult to attain in traditional
Water bottle and a fun attitude! Mats are provided. Comfortable, exercise clothes are recommended that your child can move around in. Sneakers are not required as we do our yoga sessions barefoot.
Yes, we are available for private yoga lessons either at our studio or in the privacy of your own home. We can individualize yoga lessons specifically for your needs.
We LOVE yoga parties, and get super excited when you love them too. Learn more about our Services
I have been practicing Bollywood dance for over 20 years, and regard it as my other passion besides yoga. Please contact me privately for information on dance lessons, choreography instruction for events, etc.